The Reports app provides you with granular data reporting and helps you extract valuable insights. Get accurate and customizable information with Reports:
  • See specific periods with custom date ranges
  • Get granular reports on devices, sites, and groups
  • View device availability and failover stats
  • Take reports to go as downloadable PDF and Excel files
Reports PDF

Query data any way you want using Reports

When you want insights, you need frictionless access to the data that’s yours. Reports gives you accurate, customizable information on demand, without cumbersome plugins or disparate applications.

Get granular reporting on specific devices, sites, and groups, and get data by the day or even by the hour. Gather availability and failover information, and download your reports as PDF or Excel file types.

Cut your data any way you want, when you want. ZPE Cloud stores terabytes of information for years, and you can create custom queries to get the insights you need.


  • Access data and insights on demand, without juggling complex reporting applications
  • Report on all your infrastructure that’s connected to ZPE Cloud and Nodegrid
  • Get granular insights, with reporting by the day or by the hour
  • Query the data you need, whether from the last two days or the last two years
  • View data on-screen, or download as executive reports in PDF and Excel formats

View on-screen or download your reports

Report Web
Reports pdf
Reports PDF
Reports – Excel

Gain the insights you need, when you need them

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